Add food to the bank

It is possible to add new foods to our bank. You can therefore put tailor-made or specific foods.

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There are two sources where food comes from in Hexfit.

  1. General: These are foods that are created in software.

    • The list comes from the Canadian Nutrient File.

  2. Groceries products: These are products displayed, but from an external site.

Add a new food in Hexfit

  1. Click on the “Nutrition” tab, then choose the “Food” sub-tab.

  2. Click on “Create a food” at the top right of the page.

  3. Name the food.

  4. To add a photo, click on the background to select an image from your files.

  5. Enter how much is a serving.

  6. Configure the nutrients.

  7. Enter tags to facilitate the search.

N.B.: In a food plan, all the nutrients will be calculated per serving.

Create food from Open FOOD facts

  1. Download their app or go to

  2. Log in to your account or create one for free.

  3. Enter the food.

  4. Go to your Hexfit account, then refresh your page.

  5. It should appear in the “Groceries” section afterward.

⚠️ Open FOOD facts is an independent site from Hexfit. It allows everyone to share foods and nutritional values. It may therefore contain errors.

Further information

  • If you are instead looking for how to add a new recipe, click here.

  • If you want to learn how to edit food, click here.

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