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Work from an existing nutritional plan
Work from an existing nutritional plan

It's easy to continue or modify an existing plan. You can also create a clone and modify it to your liking.

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Find all your meal plans

All of your food plan can be found under the "Nutrition" tab, under the "Plans" tab.

Modify an existing plan

  1. To modify an existing plan, click on it.

    1. If it is a plan already published, then click on "Edit plan" at the top of the page.

    2. If it is a draft, you can directly modify it.

By default, you arrive at the "Design" stage where you can modify the foods, quantities, etc.

You can also go to the first step, that of "information" in order to modify the recipient, the visibility, the duration, the calendar mode activated or deactivated, etc.

You can finally go to the "Confirmation" step in order to download, print or publish it on the mobile application.

⚠️ The plan will also be modified in the client file for which it is assigned (when this is the case).

Clone a plan

A clone is a copy of a plan. So you can modify the elements there without influencing the original.

To make a "clone", click on "Actions" to the right of the desired plan. Choose "Clone". You will arrive at the "information" step with the elements of the original plan of entries by default. You can then modify them as you see fit.

Further information

To learn more about cloning on a template day, click here.

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