The client list offers several shortcuts, allowing you to perform actions on a client's file directly from the list. Thus allowing you to save a lot of manipulations.

Different Quick Actions

  1. Creating a program - Learn more here.

  2. Creation of food plans - Click here.

  3. View and Edit Objectives - Click here to learn more.

"Actions" button

By clicking on the "Actions" button, you can carry out different interventions:

Detailed or summary list

With a single click, you can switch from one format to another. By default, you will always have the most complete format. On the other hand, to make clients research easier, you can switch to the simplified format.

The summary list also allows you to perform actions on numerous clients at the same time. Click here for more information.


Administrators have the "My Clients" button. By clicking on it, they can access the list of clients to which their rights give access (those of their branch or of the entire company).

Further information

To learn more about creating a client, click here.

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