1. Activities:

    • Calendar: Allows you to see the plans programmed in your calendar.

    • All plans: Gives access to all the plans assigned to you by your professional.

  2. Progression:

    • Goals: See your primary goal and complete your secondary goals.

    • Data: See your data shared with your professional (Weight, height, etc.)

    • Graphics: You will be able to see the graphics that are shared with you by your professional.

  3. “+” Button:

  4. Messaging:

    • You can communicate with your professional or your groups from the “chat”.

  5. Menu:

    • Gives you access to your files (online storage), to recipes that are shared by your professional, to support for the application.

    • You will also have access to your settings.

      • You will be able to modify your profile.

      • As well as syncing your account with smartwatches and external software (Google Calendar).

Further information:

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