By synchronizing your smartwatches and certain software with the Hexfit application, certain data can be collected in the Hexfit software in order to be analyzed by your professional.


In stages (Application):

  • Go to the menu (three vertical lines at the top left of the application);

  • Click on the '' account synchronization '' tab;

  • Choose the account for which you want to synchronize;

  • Click on the button to the right of the item to synchronize;

  • You will be redirected to the website of the company in question (Google, Strava, Fitbit, Polar or MyFitnessPal).

Existing account: Enter your username and password;

New user: Create an account.

N.B: Items with the words "Via Strava" displayed on the right require you to synchronize to a Strava account to connect to it.

Via a web browser (Google Chrome)

Instead of going through the application, it is possible to synchronize through Google Chrome. This can be useful for using a computer or a tablet for example.

  1. Click on the following address:

  2. Log in to your customer account;

  3. Go to your settings (Click on your name at the top right of the page);

  4. Choose the "Accounts" option at the top of the page;

  5. Click on "Connect" to the right of the desired option;

  6. You will then be redirected to the website of the software to be connected to enter the connection information associated with this account;

  7. The account will therefore be synchronized.

What the professional will be able to see

  1. Choose the desired customer;

  2. Click on the "Activities" tab;

  3. Choose the desired activity.

  4. Synchronized items will be displayed if the activity is synchronized using a watch or connected software.

⚠️ Important

Only data saved after synchronization will be imported into Hexfit.

Also note that each watch sends us a certain amount of data. Some companies therefore allow us to syncronize all of the data analyzed and others only a limited amount.

Further information

  • To see the list of devices that can be synced with Hexfit, click here.

  • For solutions to connection problems with Polar, click here.

  • For solutions to connection issues with Fitbit, click here.

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