Here is the list of smartwatches that customers can sync with the Hexfit app.

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Here is the list of watches and training software compatible with Hexfit:

  • Apple Watch

  • Google Fit

  • Fitbit

  • Polar

  • Garmin

  • Withings

  • MyZone

  • Oura

  • Suunto

Here is the list of watches that can be connected to Hexfit using Strava:

  • TomTom

  • Microsoft Band

  • Soleus

  • Timex

  • Srm PC8

Imported data

Some companies allow us to synchronize all the data analyzed, and others only a limited amount. The ones that are generally available to all are:

  • Calories expended during the activity;

  • Distance;

  • Speed;

  • Altitude;

  • Heart rate.

Only direct synchronization allows you to synchronize daily data:

  • Number of steps;

  • Quality of sleep;

  • Calories burned;

  • Etc.

***Data may vary depending on the watch model.

Further information

Once synchronized, the collected data will be available in the “Activities” section of the client's file. They can also be used to make graphics. To learn more about data analysis, click here.

⚠️ N.B.: Only new data will be transferred to Hexfit. Data saved in the watch before synchronization will not be.

  • To see how to sync devices with Hexfit, click here.

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