In steps:

  1. Go to the exercise tab;
  2. Click on the desired program;
  3. * Click on the three dots located at the bottom right *;
  4. Choose the option "modify the program";
  5. Go to the "information" section;
  6. ** Modify the name of the program (or any other information you want **);
  7. Click on "save + next".

* For "draft" programs, you will go directly to the design section. You will not have dots on the right side of the screen.

** From the information section, you can modify:

The title;

Put the program as a model;

The duration;

The recipients;

Visibility and start date;

Put notes for professionals;

Manage access rights.

To note

❗ The program contains sessions. The names can therefore be different for the sessions between them and for the program.

To learn more about the sessions, click here.

Further information

  • Put a program as a model;
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