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Visibility of exercise programs

Your client doesn't see his program?

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The visibility of your program depends on several factors:

  1. It must have a recipient.

  2. Visibility must include the client.

  3. The starting date may influence.

  4. The program must be published.

  5. The client must log in to the correct account.

To make changes, click on “Actions” to the right of your program.

Choose the “Edit program” option.


The recipient can be a customer or a group. It is in this folder that the program will be linked.


The visibility must include the client.

Start date

The start date will influence the visibility at the “Activities” level if you have selected a recurrence for your sessions when designing the program.

Thus, it will be displayed from the chosen date and for the number of weeks entered (duration).

Hide program until start date

By marking the box and entering a start date, you can hide the program from your client under the “Plans” tab of the mobile app.

It will then become visible from the chosen “Start date”.

⚠️ If the program is registered in the activities of the client, it will be visible, regardless of whether the box is checked or not.

Publication of the program

The program must be published (the client does not see drafts). Also check that it is assigned to the correct customer.


You will be able to verify all the information at the confirmation stage of the program. If the eye is “green”, the customer should see the program in the “all plans” tab of the app.

The client must log in to the correct account.

It happens that the customer has more than one Hexfit account.

Make sure the customer is logging into the account linked to their primary address or ID.

If he logs in using his secondary address, he might log in to wrong account.

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