In step

  1. Go to the "nutrition" tab;

  2. Click on the desired plan;

  3. If the plan is already published, go to the pencil at the bottom right and choose the option "modify the plan". (Draft, skip this step);

  4. Select the "information" part;

  5. Change the start / end date or visibility;

  6. Click on "Save + Next".


In order for your customer to see their plan in the app, it must be included in the choice.

(X + my client).


❗ You absolutely must put a start and end date on the plan.

The dates on which the client will see his food plan in his "activities" will correspond to the start and end dates of the plan.

Note: The start date cannot be changed once the program has been published. You can however clone the program and make modifications to it.

Further information

  • To learn more about eating plan information, click here.

  • To learn more about general visibility in Hexfit, click here.

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