Automatic calculations

Hexfit contains a food bank that can be used to create eating plans. Using smart data, all food nutrients added to a eating plan will be calculated automatically.

If the desired foods do not exist in the bank, you can create them yourself. You will also find the procedure below.

Go to the food bank

  1. Click on the "Nutrition" tab, then choose the "Food" sub-tab;

  2. Click on "Create a food" at the top right of the page.

Add a new food (from the food bank)

  1. Name the food;

  2. To add a photo, click on the bottom to choose an image from your computer;

  3. Enter how much is a serving;

  4. Configure the nutrients;

  5. Enter "Tags" to facilitate the search.

Convert the amount equivalent to a serving

By default, the portions in the software will be in grams (g.), But it is possible to modify for another unit.

In steps:

  1. Delete the "g";

  2. Enter the desired unit;

  3. Enter the equivalence in grams for the portion chosen.

N.B .: The measure can be in quantity, weight or unit. For example:

Further information

  • To learn how to create a custom recipe, click here.

  • To learn how to modify a food already in the bank, click here.

  • To find out how your client can link their MyFitnessPal account with the Hexfit app, click here.

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