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Criteria for your collegues to see your program
Criteria for your collegues to see your program

Here are the different criteria for viewing the programs

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To view a client's programs, your colleague must:

Be part of the stakeholder with the client or the group

  • The program must include visibility that allows other professionals to see it. Click here to find out more.

  • To become an intervenor in the client's file, the professional must request access to the client's file. Click here to see how.

  • To see how to add a professional to a group click here.


  • Read-only (free) professionals cannot view groups. They therefore cannot see the programs in this group.

Template programs

  • If it is a template program and it has been shared with all professionals, you only have to use the "model" filter to view it.

  • Click here to see how to share a template program.

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