Here is the procedure to end your subscription

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If you are on a free trial

If you have created a free trial, your account will be automatically deactivated after 14 days, unless you activated your account with a subscription.

To stop receiving emails

If you wish to stop receiving emails or be contacted by a Hexpert let it know by phone, email or live chat at the top right of the software.

Suspension and termination of the subscription

If you wish to suspend or terminate your membership, you can do so via the “Billing” tab in the administration (top right, under your name).

Please know that we are constantly improving and would love to know the reasons why you want to unsubscribe. By talking to one of our Experts, you may find solutions to take full advantage of the software instead of terminating your subscription.

Pause my subscription

This option allows you to make a temporary stop and thus keep your data. You can pick up where you left off when you return.


⚠️ This option allows you to permanently delete your account. All your data will may be deleted without notice.

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