Complete a program using the "Plans" tab

  1. Click on the "Plans" tab located at the bottom right of the application;

  2. Click on "see the sessions";

  3. Click on "Start";

  4. Choose the desired week and click again on "Start";

  5. Swipe the screen down using your finger;

  6. It is advisable to click on "info" on the exercises to see the detailed prescription entered by your professional;

  7. Once an exercise is completed, click on the green button "Exercise Completed";

  8. At the end of the program, click on "finish";

  9. Click "finish" again once the information and comments have been entered.

Once the program is completed, you will be able to view the summary from the "Activities" tab.

Complete a program using the "Activities" tab

  • You can also go through the "Activities" tab if your professional has scheduled specific times to do the training.

  • The procedure is similar to "Your plans". Simply choose the day of the day from the calendar.

Summary of the activity

Once the session is completed, a new activity will be created in your calendar.

  • The original will be in gray (directive created by the professional);

  • The new activity will be your session as completed. The time when it has been completed will be displayed to the right of its title.

By clicking on it, you will see the details of the session. Your professionals will obtain a more detailed version of the software allowing them to do the analysis.

N.B: The summary of the session is shared between the client and his professional. If one or the other deletes the session, it will disappear for the other as well.

Further information

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