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Plan workouts from the calendar
Plan workouts from the calendar

The sessions assigned to a client will appear in the activity tab. They can be added to your client's calendar.

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Add sessions from a program assigned to the client

  1. Drag and drop the desired session from the selection on the left, to the correct day in the client's calendar.

  2. Choose the desired options (optional):

  • Recurrence (repeat the session at a certain frequency);

  • Add a document or a training program;

  • Change the colour of the event.

The sessions will thus appear in the activity tab of the application of the client in question.

Add sessions from other programs

Only sessions from a program that have been assigned to this client will appear in the left part.

By clicking on "add", you can clone a session from another program to this list or create a new program assigned to this client.

Further information

  • To create a brand-new program from a client's activities, click here.

  • To make sure that your client sees their program in the "activities" tab on their application, click here.

  • You could also clone a program and assign it to the client so that you can choose it. Click here to learn more about cloning a program.

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