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How to synchronize your Hexfit account with Google Calendar
How to synchronize your Hexfit account with Google Calendar

Here is the procedure to synchronize your Hexift and Google calendars

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The Google calendar synchronization allows you to block occupied moment when your clients try to take appointment.

It also shows Hexfit's appointments in your Google Calendar*.

⚠️ Only activities added after synchronization between Hexfit and Google will be displayed.

To synchronize your “Google” calendar:

  1. Click your name (at the top right of the screen);

  2. Choose “Settings”;

  3. Click on “Accounts”.

4. Click on the “Connect” button. This option takes you to another page where you are asked to choose the Google account to synchronize, as well as the corresponding password.

5. Validate.

This confirmation message should appear when all steps have been completed.

Secondary calendar

If you have more than one calendar, it is possible to make a selection among them.

  1. Calendar to synch activities

    • This is the Google calendar in which Hexfit appointments will be displayed.

    • Click “Change calendar” if you want to select a different one from your list.

  2. Availability calendars

    • This is the calendar in which you want Hexfit to check your availability.

    • You can select between one and all of your calendars.

    • Hexfit will search for available times among all selected calendars.

Further information

  • To learn how to share your availabilities in Hexfit, click here.

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