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InBody Scales

It is possible to synchronize certain InBody scales with Hexfit.

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What is compatible?

All scales that can be connected to LookinBody Web are compatible with Hexfit.

Note that to use Data Sync, you must have an active LookinBody Web and Hexfit account.

Integration of InBody in Hexfit

Once you have confirmed that your scale is compatible, you will need to ask a Hexpert to make the option available to your account.

⚠️ We will then need your InBody ID and password to sync.

  • We recommend using the chat in the help center

  • But, you can also email using [email protected]

Operation: Once the connection is completed

  • In the files' area, you will now have a "Synchronize Inbody" button.

  • You must click this button when you want to sync.

    • ⚠️ Be careful to do it less than 7 days after the test has been done.

  • Synchronization is done based on your client's file number. It is therefore important to enter the same number in the InBody machine.

Further information

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