Setting up an exercise

In addition to being able to choose the exercises you want, to be able to create custom or have them added by our partner Physigraphe, you can choose their configuration as you see fit.

⚠️ The configuration of an exercise will be valid only for the current program. To permanently modify elements of an exercise, for example its execution instructions), you must go through the exercise bank tab. Thus, the changes will apply to the exercise regardless of the program.



You can change the title of an exercise to suit your needs.

In the example above, the device number has been added in the title to identify the client at the training room.


All the exercises that have been created by Physigraphe (the exercises that you get by default and are added with the updates with the software) come with a description in French and in English.

You can modify it to add details or to adapt it to your client's needs. You can also change the size of the description box to help you see it better.

❗ This change will have no effect on the description in the app or on the downloaded or printed versions of the program.


The configuration can be modified using two "builder". The "Classic" or the "Visual". We also recommend the use of "visual" since it allows greater ease of use.

The two "builder" provide the same functions.

❗ Note also that this article is based on the "visual builder".

"Visual builder"


It is possible to change the configuration to make every week different from each other.

So you can for example give a progression of loads each week or change the number of series

To do this, simply click on the "padlock" button.

❗ The number of weeks depends on the number of times chosen for the duration of the program and can be modified in the "Information" section.


The number of sets of an exercise can be changed. Depending if "cardio" or "weight" is selected it will be called "sets" or "phases".

Add sets

  • Hover over the series to see a "+" appear. By clicking on it the number will increase.

Delete phases

  • Hover over the series to see an "X" appear (the number must be greater than 1).

  • By clicking on it the number will decrease.

Make the phases independent of each other

  • Click on the padlock.

  • Once opened, you will be able to modify each of the series independently of the others. The reverse is also true.


  • The "Rep" button corresponds to the number of repetitions of your exercise. By clicking on it, you can choose between "Reps" and "Duration".

  • So if you want to do an exercise over a period of time (eg isometry), you can select "duration".


The tempo corresponds to the speed of execution of the exercise.

You can put as many execution phase as you want by separating the numbers with dashes (-)


This is the length of time you rest between sets. You can enter a time in the form MM: SS (Minutes: Seconds)

Options offered by the "+"

By clicking on the "+" located under the "create intervals" button, you will be able to add new columns to your exercise configuration.

Depending on whether you have chosen a muscular (weight) or cardiovascular (cardio) type exercise, you will have different options.

(Located under the exercise title)

(Located under the exercise title)

Further information

To learn more about setting up a program, click here.

(training in super-series, circuit, alternating series, etc.)

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