Create a custom graph

In order to analyze your data, you can choose from a variety of charts or create one to meet your specific needs.

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Custom graphics

Graphs allow you to display data for a specific period of time.

Creating custom graphics will allow you to:

  • To display data that are not in the default choices.

  • Compare multiple data in the same graph.

Create a custom graph

  1. Click on the "Contacts" tab.

  2. Choose a client or group and select the "Reports" tab.

  3. Create a new table or select an existing one in which you want to add a graph.

  4. Click "+ Add a graph".

  5. A window will open displaying all available graph.

  6. To create a custom one, click on "Create a personalized graph".

  7. You will then have three steps to follow:

    • Step 1: Enter the name and select the period of the data analysis.

    • Step 2: Choose the data(s) to display or compare.

    • Step 3: Choose the desired chart type and save.

  8. Select the chart you created and save.

Further information

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  • To find out the source of the data that may appear in a table, click here.

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