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Add a graph to a board
Add a graph to a board

Boards serve as the basis for graphics. You can therefore add more to analyze the data or share it with your clients.

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What is a board

A board is a bunch of graphs that you have selected to appear automatically updated in a client's file.

Several Boards can be created in order to compare different data of your clients.

Add a graph in a board

  1. Choose an existing board, or you can create a new one (click here to find out more).

  2. Click on "Edit" if you have selected an existing board. ***

  3. Click on the “Add a graph” option.

  4. A window will open displaying all available graph. Browse through the different categories in the list on the left and select the graph(s) you want to display in the board.

N.B.: A selected graph will be surrounded by a green square.

4. You can then click "Save" and the selected graphics will be added to the board.

***You can only edit boards that you created yourself.

Order and size of graphics

  • Once your graphs have been added to your board, you can "drag and drop" them into the desired order.

  • You can also change the size of the graphs by moving the indicator that appears at the bottom right of each graph.

Share a graph with your client

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