What is a board

Once created, a table can be selected or edited from any client. However, it must be selected to become active.

Several tables can be created in order to compare different elements of your customers.

Creating a board

  1. Choose the customer for whom you want to create a table;
  2. Click on the "Reports" tab;
  3. So click on the "+" at the top right of the page just to the right of the drop-down menu;

4. A new window will appear allowing you to name the board, add keywords and determine the visibility level of the table;

5. To add graphs to your table, click on the pencil at the bottom right and choose "add graph". You can then choose the graphics you want from the list already present or create a custom one.

N.B.: You can create as many tables as you want.

Where to find the boards you created

The tables you have created will appear in the drop-down list at the top right of your charts. You can therefore move from one table to another in order to see data specific to the latter.


These keywords will be used to automatically display the table that best matches the client's objective. For example, if the keywords are "lose" and "weight", the table will automatically display when a customer has "Lose 10 pounds" or "Lose weight" as their goal.

Further information

  • To create a custom chart to add to your table, click here.
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