Editing a document

  1. Go to the administration (under your name).

  2. Choose the "Documents" tab.

  3. Click the "Actions" button and select the "Edit" option. ***

  4. In the "Configuration" section, you can select who has access to the document. Make sure the client is included in the choice.

*** ⚠️ Note that only documents that you have created can be modified.

Creating a document

  1. Go to administration.

  2. Select the "Documents" tab.

  3. Click on "+ Create document" at the top right.

  4. By clicking on "More options" you will be able to select who will see the program when completed.

N.B.: This procedure means that each time this document is published, the people selected will see the program.

Further information

To modify the visibility of a document already sent (in a client's file or in a group), click here.

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