Create a Report Version of a Document

When a document is completed, two versions can be automatically generated. One being the document completed in full by the professional, and the other being the alternative version of the document which will be the report.

To design the "Report" version of an existing document, simply go to the Administration section and choose the "Documents" tab. You can then click on the "Actions" button to the right of the document in question. Go to the "Report" section at the bottom of the document. When creating a new document, simply go to the Report section once the document is completed.

You will then have the choice to save with or without report. If you choose to generate a report, you will have the opportunity to modify a new version of your document.


In the "Configuration" section of the creation of a document, you can choose who can see the report. Choose an option that doesn't include your client if you don't want them to see them.

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