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How to find help on Hexfit
How to find help on Hexfit

Here's how to find our helpers online

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In the "? Help" section, you can find our Academy and our online help.

1. Quick help:

Brings together the help articles answering the most frequently asked questions for the page you are on.

2. Academy:

Consists of tutorials, webinars and articles in video form.

For most of the pages, you will come straight to a video explaining the features of where you are. (ex: How to do a program in Hexfit).

3. FAQ:

You will find articles on specific topics. You can browse the articles or do a research to find solutions to your questions.

4. Chat:

Come and chat live with one of our Hexperts.

5. Request:

If you believe that a feature is not present in the software, but could benefit other users, drop us a line here.

To reach Hexfit support by email, write to: [email protected]

For the sales department, write to: [email protected]

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