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How to delete an objective
How to delete an objective

Here is the procedure to delete an objective

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Delete the objective

  • Click on the "Contacts" tab.

  • Select the "Objectives" tab.

  • Open the desired objective by clicking on it.

  • Click on "Delete objective".

⚠️ Watch out! This action is irreversible.

⚠️ Edit rights

You must have the rights to Edit, Mark as completed or Delete the main objective. If you are the creator, this will be the case by default.

Otherwise, you must have received these rights from the person who created it. If a client has been transferred to you or shared with another stakeholder, you may not be able to edit or delete an objective. In this case, communicate with an Hexpert via the chat bubble.

Further information

  • To see how to create a new objective, click here.

  • To see how to mark an objective as completed, click here.

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