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Customizing application colors
Customizing application colors

With the unlimited Hexfit package, you can modify the colors that appear in the application and put your logo there

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Personalization of the application

You can change the colors that your client will see in the mobile app to match your business colors.

Once inserted, your logo will also appear in the app, in programs, documents and food plans.


Changing the colors of the application must be done from your account administration, under the “profile” tab.

Personalization of the app

To choose your colors:

  1. Click on “edit” to the right of the word colors;

  2. Click on the color to choose (primary or action);

  3. You can then choose the color from the selection or enter the code “RGB”.

Find the desired colors from an image

In order to help you find the colors corresponding to your business, you can go to a website offering a “color picker”. Here is an example.

By uploading an image to it, a color code (RGB) will be displayed. You can then copy this code to obtain this color during your personalization.

What clients will see on the app

Here is an example of what the client will see:

Further information

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