Setting up Stripe

Here's how to set up your Stripe account to manage your payments directly in Hexfit

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Activate the Stripe Payment Portal

To activate your payment portal, use this link.

Then choose the options you want to make visible to your customers and save. Make sure to select the options below at a minimum:

  • Update payment options

  • See their invoice history

Edit your branding

Stripe also allows you to put your invoices in your image! So here's how to customize the payment page and your invoices!

⚠️ Note that models created in Hexfit will no longer exist*

Adjust allowed payment methods

And yes, as Stripe manage the payments, all the options will be available to you (card payment, bank transfer, SEPA, etc.)!

Review the options enabled in your account from here.

Further information

To learn more about Hexfit's billing functionality, click here.

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