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Did you know? Refer someone to use Hexfit as a pro and you both get freebies.

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You can refer specific people or share a "public" link on a website, your Facebook page, or any other place you want.

The people you refer in this way will be entitled to a free month!

When these people subscribe, you will also be entitled to discounts on your subscription or can choose gift cards if you prefer.

In steps:

  1. Click on your name at the top right of the software.

  2. Click on ❤️ Refferals.

Invite a specific person:

  • Enter the person's email address, as well as their first and last name in the space provided on the right.

  • The email will be sent automatically and you will see the progress of its subscription.

Unique link

  • Click on the unique link to have it automatically copied to your clipboard.

  • You just have to paste it where you want to share it publicly or privately (someone's email, Messenger, Facebook page, Website or other).

Quick links

  • Click on one of the quick links to directly share your unique link to

    • Linked In

    • Facebook

    • Tweeter

    • By email.

Use your points

  • Once the referrals are made, you will be able to view and use your points.

  • To do this, simply click on "Use my points".

  • You will then have the choice between a discount on your Hexfit subscription or an Amazon gift card.

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