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Client 2.0 - Pay an invoice sent by a professional
Client 2.0 - Pay an invoice sent by a professional

Clients can proceed to pay an invoice from their account using the "web" version of the app.

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When interventions have been invoiced, the client will receive an email with the invoice in PDF format.

The client will also receive a notification in the application allowing the payment to be made from their account.

To pay from their account, the client can simply go to the "Payment" section.

  • This option will then be at the top of the page.

The client will be able to find his the paid invoices and the ones to pay!

Credit card to account

⚠️To pay bills, you must have entered a credit card number.

To do this, the client will be able to "see the details" located to the right of "Payment information".

Further information

  • To learn more about what the client can do with the app, click here.

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