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Problems with video conferencing
Problems with video conferencing

Sound and / or video problems with video conferencing

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We recommend using the latest versions of Google Chrome to take full advantage of the functionality.

Exception: iOS (iPhone and iPad) require the use of Safari.


You and your interlocutor must authorize access to your camera and your microphones during the first use (Chrome) or during each conversation (on Safari).

If you have denied access to the microphone or the camera, you can change this permission by clicking

  • (Google Chrome): On the padlock at the top of your screen.

  • (Safari - iPhone / iPad): Go to settings, under the Safari application.


The language that will appear by default will be that of your browser.

Common issues

I can't hear my interlocutor

If the permissions are accepted but you can't hear anything, check your sound source:

  • Do you have speakers or headphones plugged into your computer?

  • Is the sound loud enough to hear?

My interlocutor does not hear me

Do a test to verify that your microphone is still functional.

You can easily find a website allowing this type of test by searching: "Microphone test" on Google.

My interlocutor does not see me

If permissions are accepted but you can't see anything, check your video source:

  • Do you have a camera on your device?

  • Is something hiding the camera (ex: duct tape)?

  • Is it plugged in and working?

If after having made these checks your interlocutor who still does not see you, take a test to verify that your camera is still functional.

Follow the same procedure as for the microphone. Google search: "Camera test".

Further information

To learn more about how Visiofit works, click here.

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