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If you contribute taxes, you can automatically deduct them when billing your customers.

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Registration of your tax number

Once you sync your Stripe account with Hexfit, you will have the option to add tax numbers to your account.

Note that the creation of a tax is optional. If one or more taxes are created, they will also be selected by default, but can be removed from an invoice with a single click when invoicing the customer.

To create a new tax

  1. Go to administration;

  2. Choose the "integration" tab;

  3. In the Stripe section, you will see the option "Add tax";

  4. Enter the information: The name of the tax, your tax number (number that you will have obtained from your government) and the percentage relating to the tax.

⚠️You can also create more than one tax for the same account.

(Ex: For people who practice in several countries or provinces, you can create the necessary taxes)

Further information

To learn more about the preliminary stages of invoicing, click here.

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