Via a web browser (Recommended)

Instead of going through the application, it is possible to synchronize through the website. This action can be done via a computer, a tablet or a smart phone.

In steps:

  1. Click on the following address:

  2. Log into your Hexfit customer account

    • Use the same username and password as on the mobile application.

  3. Go to your settings (Click on your name at the top right of the page).

  4. Choose the "Accounts" option at the top of the page.

  5. Click "Connect" to the right of MyFitnessPal.

  6. You will then need to enter your login and password for your MyFitnessPal account.

  7. The Hexfit and MyFitnessPal accounts will be synchronized.

Further information

  • Once synchronized, the data collected will be available in the "Food diary" section of the client's file.

⚠️ N.B.: Only new data will be transferred to Hexfit. Data saved in the watch before synchronization will not be.

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