Creating a goal

  1. First choose the Client tab;

  2. Under the profile pictureof your client, you will have three icons. Click on "Objective" which is on the right;

  3. Click on the "+" at the bottom right to create a new one.

Primary objective

  1. Enter a title first;

  2. Enter a due date;

  3. Choose an activity;

  4. Choose visibility; If you want your client to see this goal in the app, you must choose a visibility that includes it (All Stakeholders + My Client);

  5. Choose who can see or edit this goal. You can also choose to add a single professional who will have additional rights to this objective by clicking on "Add a user +";

  6. You can enter a note if you wish. Only professionals can read the notes.

Secondary objective

Once the primary goal is created, you can add a secondary goal that will be linked to it.

  1. Click on the "+" located on the right, under the black box;

  2. Choose whether it is a goal related to a given (related to training or nutrition) or a "text" goal (a tailor-made goal).


  • You can create as many secondary objectives as you want. It can therefore be useful in order to create sub-objectives of your main objective.

  • Your client will be able (if he has access to his goals) to indicate his secondary goals as fulfilled in the application.


It is possible to do some planning for your client's goal. Click here to find out more.

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