This procedure enables you to clone and modify programs that are already assigned to a client. So it will appear in the list of its programs.

If the desired program has not been assigned to the client in question, follow this procedure instead.

Clone and modify an already assigned program

  1. Go to the customer tab;

  2. Hover over the desired customer;

  3. Click on "+ Add" under program;

  4. Choose a program from the list or search to find a specific one in your list;

  5. Click on "Clone + modify"

  6. By default, you arrive at the program design stage. You can then modify the exercises as needed;

  7. You can then go and publish the program through the confirmation step.

⚠️ N.B .: As soon as the program is cloned in this way, it is automatically assigned to the client.

The duration, visibility and access rights will be those of the original program. It is possible to modify them by going through the information stage.

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