Here's how to change the configuration

  • When creating a program, go to the design stage.

  • If it is a draft, you will arrive by default at the configuration step by clicking on the desired program;

  • If this is a program that has already been released, you will need to "Modify" the program to get straight to the design stage.


  1. Add a blank between exercises

  2. Related exercises (Supersets, trisets, circuits training...)

  3. Bulgarian method

  4. Intervals

  5. Alternating exercise

  6. "Weight" type vs "cardio" type

1. Add a blank between exercises (PDF and printout of program)

  1. Press the "+" between two exercises;

  2. To add a title and execution instructions, click on the pencil that appears to the right. Click on the "X" to remove the white.

N.B.: Notes added in a "Blank" will not be visible via the mobile application. They will only appear if the program is printed or downloaded as a PDF.

In order to make notifications appearing in the mobile application, we advise instead to create a new exercise, without image, but containing your notes.

2. Connect the exercises (Supersets, Trisets, Circuit training)

  1. Click on the chain between the exercises to create a link between them.

Note that if there is a blank, you will not be able to connect them.

3. Bulgarian training

4. Intervals

  1. Click on the pencil to modify the exercise;

  2. Go to "Phase" so that the "+" appears. You can then add as many as you want;

  3. If the padlock is closed, all phases will be identical. If you open it (click on it), you will be able to make all the phases different;

  4. By clicking on "Create intervals", you can repeat cycles;

  5. If you want some weeks in your program to be different, click on the padlock under "week". You can then modify a week or make them all different.

Change the order of intervals

It is possible to change the order of the intervals once they have been filled. To do this:

  • Just click on "Create intervals";

  • Drag and drop your intervals to the desired locations.

5. Exercise in "Alternation"

If you have to create an exercise where the movements will be done alternately (eg a movement of the left arm, then a movement of the right arm), select "Alternate". This will allow the system to calculate the time difference.

6. Type "weight" vs type "cardio"

When changing the prescription for an exercise, you can choose whether it is cardiovascular (cardio) or muscle (weight) exercise. Thus, some options can be selected.

Further information

  • To learn more about designing training programs, click here.

  • To learn more about cloning attributes from one exercise to another, click here.

  • To learn how to add a column to an exercise prescription, click here.

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