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Understanding Food Plan Design
Understanding Food Plan Design

Calendar mode IS ACTIVATE

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The "calendar mode (is activated)" must be selected, since by default it is the "calendar mode (is deactivated)" which is applied when creating a new food plan. You can change this option in the information section.

Plan "design" stage

The design section allows you to set up eating plans for specific days. For example, you can create a food plan for the day of June 17, another for the day of June 18, etc.


To modify the elements of the day such as the title, number, name, and time of meals, click on the pencil located on the left under the title. To learn more, click here.

N.B.: If you don't see the pencil, your plan is probably expired. You can then change the end date by returning to the "information" step.


To create recurrences, go to the "repeat" button. Then click on the option that interests you: No repetition, Daily, Weekly.

  • By choosing Daily, you can choose to repeat the plan in question every day, every two day, etc.


You can clone the plan on specific dates. To do this, go to the three dots and click on "Clone". You must then select the dates where to copy the day you have selected.


The template days you created for the plan you are currently designing can be reproduced in your plan. They can then be modified as needed.

Further information

  • For more information on "calendar modes", click here.

  • For information on "calendar mode (is deactivated)", click here.

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