Default mode

Calendar mode disabled is the one that will be selected by default when creating a new eating plan. You can change this option in the information section.

Plan "design" stage

Configuration of template days

The design section allows you to configure "typical days" in your eating plan.

  • For example, you can create days for times when your client is training and others when they don't or "week days" and others for the "weekend".

These "typical days" are not linked to calendar dates, unlike when the "calendar mode is activated".

Editing Items

To modify the elements of the "typical day" such as the title, number, name, and time of meals, click on the pencil located on the left of his title or on "Edit".

Delete a typical day

❗(Attention it will no longer exist thereafter and can no longer be recovered)

  • Click on the "X", located to the right of the title of the day.

  • Then choose "Confirm".

Further information

  • To learn more about what "calendar mode" is, click here.

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