To see your clients' results and feedback from their training session, you need to:

  1. Choose the right client;

  2. Go to the "Plans" tab of the client file;

  3. Choose the program for which you want to see the comments or the results - Click on "View the program";

  4. Choose the desired session and click on "Results";

It will then be possible to see the results entered by your client for each time he has done this session.

You can analyze the data in "Value" in "Delta" (ie the difference in charges) or see the results thanks to a graph showing the evolution of the exercise. Just click on the corresponding button in the top left.

5. Click the date for which you want to see the comments. This will allow you to see customer feedback and results for that session only.


⏩ You can also go through the customer selection. Here you will see the three most recent sessions sent to the client.

By clicking on the one whose results or notes you want to see, you will go directly to step 3 of the previous procedure.

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