What the customer sees on the mobile app

To be able to make an appointment with you, the customer must:

  1. Use the mobile application;

  2. Go to the menu by clicking on the three lines at the top left of the screen;

  3. He must click on the Appointment tab.

He will then have the choice between making an appointment or adding his availability.

The choice of its availability will allow the software to find the time slots where the client and the professional are available at the same time.

Common availability

Note that only the hours corresponding to the joint availability of the client and the professional will be displayed. The customer must therefore also have entered his availability.


Choice of professional

(Only if there is more than one professional linked to the Hexfit account in the company).

At this stage, the client must choose with which professional he wants to make his appointment. By choosing one of the choices available under "Other", the client can choose to check the availability of all the professionals in the branch (In this example, the branches are called Interpro and Interclient).

2. Choice of the type of Appointment

At this stage, the client must choose the type of appointment he wants to make. Note that the only options he can choose are the events that the professional will have added.

3. Choose the date of the meeting

Choose the day of the appointment and select the time desired by the client.

If common time slots match, the customer can click on the desired time to book their appointment (image on the left). Otherwise, a message saying that there is no availability for that day will be displayed. (right image)

4. Confirmation of the appointment

Once the appointment has been chosen, he can confirm his information one last time before confirming.

✉️ The customer will receive a confirmation email when making an appointment as in the case of a cancellation.

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